Martin Reeves, the chief executive of Coventry City Council, has been chosen to chair a major seminar on international inward investment.

Reeves – at 39 one of the youngest city council chiefs in the UK – will be one of three experts to host the inward investment briefing during the MIPIM property show in France later this month (March).

The session, which is being organised by Oxford Intelligence and Ernst & Young, will explore the effects of the recession on foreign investment into Europe, its implications for future, look at the sectors which will continue to drive investment and how cities can attract them.

Reeves will explain how Coventry is targeting foreign investment as a key driver in future development of the city.

Peter Lemagnen, the managing director of Oxford Intelligence which supplies information and consulting to international businesses and government agencies, said the event would attract a wide audience.

He said: “Inward investment, like every other aspect of commercial life, has been effected by the recession and it is key that cities are aware of the trends both now and in the future.

“Foreign investment is a key driver in the development of our cities and regions and it is vital that they keep abreast of trends so they can direct their efforts in an efficient and targeted fashion.”

The third speaker is Marc Lhermitte, a partner at Ernst and Young based in France, and leads the Economic Development practice unit ILAS of the company.

The event is being held in the Team West Midlands Business Suite and the speakers will be introduced by Advantage West Midlands chief executive Mick Laverty.