Rollerwars, a new TV show where teams race around a giant track on in-line skates, is heading for our screens.

Described as a cross between basketball, soccer, wrestling and stunt skating, the first show will be filmed in front of a 5,000 strong audience at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham this weekend.

The sport involves two six-a-side teams which race and attempt to throw a small leather ball into a basketball sized net.

The show will feature various regular characters such as mad man Dr Ha Ha, spooky Ghost, the cool Knightmare and glam rocker Danny Diamond.

It has been created and produced by Birmingham screenwriter Tony Clarke.

Mr Clarke said: "The idea for Rollerwars came about because I wanted to bring the return of traditional and exciting, fast paced and competitive shows, which families can sit down on a Saturday night and enjoy watching altogether."

The Birmingham office of law firm Cobbetts has been working with the show's company, Rollerwars Ltd, which is currently in sales talks with 20 countries across the world, including the US, Germany, Holland and Japan.

Frances Anderson, who has led the Cobbetts team, said: "Rollerwars is a sports entertainment TV show, which brings back real family entertainment with a big live production.

"It is a significant shift from the "reality TV" shows which have saturated UK television for a number of years."

Mr Clarke said: "The advice and legal help that Frances and the team at Cobbetts have given me has been fantastic.

"The firm will continue to act for Rollerwars Ltd as we move onto the next phase - licensing and merchandising, live arena, internet, phone lines and all other aspects of the show."