Birmingham MPs have again come under fire from business organisations which say they are not pulling their weight.

The latest attack comes from Birmingham Business Focus, which claims to represent a wide cross-section of local businessmen and professional people.

In a statement Neil Maybury, chairman of BBF, said it was "concerned" about the performance of Birmingham MPs - and the lack of visible support they had given to such matters as the city's failed Capital of Culture bid and the proposed National Football Stadium.

"It is also apparent to Birmingham Business Focus and other business organisations in the city that Birmingham MPs have distinctly failed to communicate with or relate to the business community of Birmingham - in sharp distinction to such organisations as Birmingham City Council and Advantage West Midlands," the statement added.

"Further, it is clear that the Birmingham MPs have little or no influence at senior Government level and have done little or nothing to influence Goverment decisions crucially affecting Birmingham, such as industry, transport and health."

Although the statement made no specific mention of the continuing crisis at MG Rover, the BBF - which claims to be an apolitical organisation - is demanding that all Birmingham MPs standing in the General Election should give a pledge "to support in the strongest terms" the causes of Birmingham.

It also said MPs should communicate with and support the city's business community and to "do whatever they can" in future to act in support of Birmingham.