A delegation from Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry leaves for Mexico today with the aim of securing a multi-million pound contract for its services.

This follows discussions in the UK with representatives of the Mexican government, who are interested in buying Chamber know-how on supply-chain management and high-growth start-up services.

Chief executive Jerry Blackett will be joined by Michael Mott, managing director of the Chamber's Business Development Group (BDG), and Karl Burrows, from the inward investment team at Advantage West Midlands.

Mr Blackett said: "For decades, we have built relationships internationally through the help we have given UK exporters.

"It is a natural step for us to now explore how some of our expertise can help the changing economies of Latin America and elsewhere to compete in European markets.

"During this trip, we shall have high-level discussions with the Mexican government which we hope will lead to an exchange of contracts early in the new year which could be worth up to £7 million over three years.

"At a time when it can feel like overseas competition - particularly from China, India and Latin America - is taking away business from the Midlands and the UK, this is a good example of how the UK can sell into these countries.

"They are hungry for our knowledge and expertise and we aim to put Birmingham at the heart of today's global economy."

Mr Mott said: "The basis of these contracts is for knowledge transfer and the establishment of new networks for the expansion of trade between the Latin American bloc and UK and the EU.

"Birmingham Chamber has a highly-valued reputation in Latin America and being seen as the partner of choice can only be good for the local and regional economy."

The Chamber's work in Latin America is expanding with projects in the pipeline and being delivered in Ecuador, Guatemala, Uraguay, Chile and Mexico.

During the week Mr Mott will be signing a memorandum of understanding with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Central America (FECAMCO) to develop senior managers in some 13 countries via the Chamber network.

He said: "I see the creation of the Business Development Group as a natural progression of the work we have been doing for some time.

"Our services such as translations, Datasearch, training and business diagnostics, are already being used. Links have already been forged with Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Asia as well as South America with the opportunity to access business information on the UK market proving some of the most popular services."