A new product that helps in the treatment of cancer sufferers has won Coventry University and technology group Elekta a national award.

The partnership between the university and the medical technology group was recognised by the Department for Trade & Industry for producing a controller device for 'Synergy' - an innovative couch that precisely positions the patient and X-ray beam to ensure cancerous cells are killed without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The couch controller was developed by Elekta and PhD student Ralf Spriestersbach, as part of the Government's Knowledge Transfer Partner-ship (KTP) scheme.

The ceremony was held at the Savoy Hotel and the awards presented by Alan Johnson, Trade & Industry Secretary.

He said: "This project is a concrete example of how KTPs work to the benefit of everyone involved and how, if we want to keep our competitive edge in the modern global economy, this type of collaboration between businesses and educational institutions needs to become the norm.

"By putting high calibre graduates into growing companies, KTPs inject fresh ideas straight into the veins of key businesses."

Mike Pelling, director of the KTP Centre at Coventry University, said: "The finished product is currently being used in hospitals all over the world."