Birmingham-based accident injury specialist Claim Today Solicitors (CTS) has launched a huge promotional push targeting the 2.3 million strong British Asian population.

The TV campaign, costing almost £750,000, is running initially across 16 Asian satellite channels - ARY, B4U, Islam Channel, MATV, STAR, Vectone, ATN, GEO, PTV, ZEE, Punjab Radio, Alpha Punjabi, Zee Music, B4U Movies, SET and MAX.

The ads will be aired predominantly in Punjabi or Urdu with a Bengali language version currently in production.

Directed by Bollywood's Farooq Mistry, and costing around £20,000 to produce, the ads concentrate on the simplicity of making a claim against a negligent driver, careless public body or dangerous employer.

Entitled "Calm and Storm", they combine a reassuring voice-over with shots of a typical accident and busy office scenes as the CTS team fight a claimant's case.

Davy Bal, founding partner said: "The ads are aimed at the Asian market where we have developed special expertise."