Paintings produced by ex-offenders and secure patients in the West Midlands are on display at a Birmingham exhibition.

Double Take, produced by the prison arts charity, the Koestler Trust, mac Birmingham and Birmingham Young Offenders Team, is showing more than 80 works selected and curated by young offenders.

The young people learned about working as a team, contemporary art and curating, and visited top London galleries to inform their decisions on what is presented to the public.

Many of the pieces of visual art and writing consider memories of home or concern self-reflection. There’s also a touch of humour and wry wit, with comments from the artists on the ideas behind the work, or method of production offering a unique insight into hidden creativity.

The free exhibition is open daily until March 1 in the Arena Gallery at mac birmingham in Edgbaston. It includes opportunities for the public to get involved in responding to the artwork, learn more about criminal justice, and the role of the arts and Koestler Trust.

Ian Clark, Birmingham Youth Offending Team said: “The Koestler Trust curating project has taken participants on a journey into new environments, created new experiences, and broadened their horizons.”