The West Midlands exported almost four times as many goods to China as any other UK region in the last quarter.

New data shows more than £1.3 billion of the £3 billion worth of goods sent to the Far East were made in this region.

The next highest on the list was the South East, which was shy of £380 million.

Exports from the region have continued to grow, with the West Midlands now contributing to ten per cent of the UK total, after a 3.6 per cent rise in the second quarter, compared with the same period last year, at £7.5 billion.

The region remains the only in the UK with an export surplus to China, which continued to be its biggest trade partner.

UK wide, exports crept up to £74.5 billion in the second quarter - but the aspiration to export £1 trillion of goods and services by 2020 seems a distant dream.

Rebecca Reading, partner for Baker Tilly in Birmingham, said: "These results are hugely encouraging for the region and really demonstrate the strong contribution that the export sector in the Midlands makes to the UK economy as a whole.

"The West Midlands has done especially well, with these latest figures showing it to be the third highest regional exporter in the UK.

"The success of businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover and Carillion will no doubt have made a huge contribution to that.

"However, whilst these results are very encouraging, businesses need to be mindful of the current volatility of some overseas economies - especially in China and the EU.

"It's vitally important that businesses receive the right level of advice and support as there continues to be many risks and opportunities to weigh up before taking the plunge into exporting."

The latest regional trade statistics published by Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs reveal the West Midlands now contributes ten per cent of all exports from the UK - the third highest contributor ahead of the South East and London.

Paul Noon, UK Trade & Investment regional director, said the figures showed that businesses in the West Midlands were confident and continuing to perform strongly.

He said: "These latest figures are very positive for our region and demonstrate the excellent work that businesses are doing to create a strong trade market across the globe.

"The growth in exports to the USA, Asia and North Africa have been particularly positive over the past 12 months while the EU and China continue to be strong areas in which to trade.

"We are leading the way when it comes to breaking into new markets and are working very well towards meeting the national economic challenge of doubling the value of exports by 2020."

The West Midlands' top five markets for the annual period ending June 2015 were China, USA, Germany, France and the Irish Republic.

There was particularly strong growth in North America where the export market grew by 12.1 per cent to £5.3 billion and the Middle East and North Africa (up 8.8 per cent, worth £1.9 billion).

In the European Union, exports grew 3.2 per cent and were worth £11.8 billion while, in Asia and Oceania, exports rose by 3.8 per cent (worth £7.5 billion).