Ravi has a Masters in Business Management from FMS Delhi and joined HCL in 1982. After 6 years at HCL, handling different sales and marketing responsibilities he joined Titan in 1988 as Head- Direct Marketing.

He moved on to head Retailing, Exports and also set up the watch assembly plant in Dehradun as Project Leader. 

Until 2005 Ravi managed the Middle East and Africa operations for watches, jewellery and fragrances as M.D. of Titan International (ME). 

He subsequently took over the International Business Division of the Company, based at its headquarters at Bangalore – managing both businesses – watches and jewellery in over 25+ countries.

Currently Ravi pursues excellence in everything to do with the eyewear industry, as CEO and Executive Vice President of the Eyewear Business.

He also handles the additional responsibility of Corporate Communications and Unified Customer Loyalty functions for the Company.