Jobseekers in the West Midlands would prefer to work in the public sector than in a private firm, new research has shown.

Only one in six would opt to be employed by a private company, a UK survey of 5,000 adults by jobs website found.

This data was reflected by West Midlanders polled, who preferred the favourable hours and flexi-time employed in public sector roles, such as those offered by organisations like Birmingham City Council and other government bodies.

According to those surveyed, the public sector also offered workers better pension options.

Morale in the public sector was described as good, despite job cuts and recent wage freezes.

However, opportunities are becoming more scarce with Birmingham City Council facing another substantial swathe of job cuts in the near future.

Mike Booker, director of public sector at, said: “The public sector remains an attractive option to jobseekers looking for roles with reasonable working hours, as well as a fair deal on fundamental benefits like annual leave.

“With real wages falling across many industries and the rise of zero-hours contracts, jobseekers are turning to the public sector as it has traditionally offered more job security.

“However, with the age of austerity set to continue and continued high demand for the positions available, competition will be as fierce as ever.

“For public sector recruiters, this means a good opportunity to hire some of the very best talent,” Mr Booker continued.