More people are heading out of the capital to Birmingham than any other city, newly released research shows.

The data from the Office for National Statistics shows 5,480 people over 30 left London for Birmingham last year and we would like to hear your stories if you've made the move north.

What were the reasons behind your switch to Birmingham? Did your office relocate or perhaps you were attracted by lower housing costs and a less hectic way of life?

Among those to move to Birmingham was Tom Cullen, founder of lifestyle email I Choose Birmingham, who came here last year after 12 years in the capital.

He said he felt it was "difficult to get things off the ground" in the capital, citing the challenge of finding good accommodation for his young family and the high barriers to entry for new businesses and ventures.

"All of the good things that have happened in London over the past 20 years are now happening in Birmingham. It is fresher, more vibrant and more personable than the capital. You can sense the aspiration and restless ambition of the place and its people."

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