Kiosks enabling workers to access their finances are to be installed in Birmingham factories.

In a UK first, Birmingham’s Citysave Credit Union has combined with insurer BHSF to invest in 21 mobile kiosks enabling people to sort out cash problems during working hours.

The kiosks – costing £2,000 each – are being offered to locations throughout the city in environments where workers traditionally have had no internet access.

Citysave chief executive Angela Clements said the Birmingham credit union, which has 10,000 members, was the first to launch the touch-screen kiosks in a project which could transform the financial security of thousands of users.

“There are many workplaces in Birmingham where people work odd hours, have difficult, busy lives and do not have access to a computer to be able to access their financial services.

“These are touch-screen kiosks – you can click on to manage your account, move money around, apply for loans etc. We are aiming this at what you might call working-class Birmingham.

“The world is changing, it is becoming much more digital and it is not easy for everybody to engage with. Lots of people that we work with do not have day to day access to the Internet and are stuck on cash, using poor-quality services.

“We have 21 of these kiosks and they are being aimed at members. So many people work unsocial hours on low incomes. It is a huge investment for us to develop this.”

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