Property management service Camelot Vacant Property is providing an alternative for young adults struggling to get on the property ladder by introducing 'live-in guardian' schemes, usually in an unusual accommodation.

Founded in 1993 in Holland, Camelot has opened various branches across Europe including one in Birmingham.

The company provides live-in guardian services for empty buildings such as old-schools and care homes as well as vacant houses across England.

This system gives young first time buyers a better chance to save for a deposit for their own home.

The guardians pay very low rent in return for helping to keep vandals and squatters out.

Camelot works with estate agents, councils, surveyors, banks and private land owners to provide these guardian services.

For owners, the benefit of joining this scheme means there is someone to help protect their empty property from squatters, vandals and thieves and notifying them of any structural damage.

Some Camelot live-in guardians have occupied Victorian hospitals with spacious rooms in pleasant locations that would otherwise be too expensive for them to consider.

To apply to be a Camelot live-in guardian, applicants must be over 18 and in paid work. Applicants must be aware that the scheme is only a temporary option.