We leave behind the main award categories now and meet the first of three aspiring talents ahead of Thursday's BYPY 2015 ceremony at the ICC. Emily Rose, from the University of Birmingham, chats to Stephen Fry's family, waxes lyrical about Budapest and solves perennial problems associated with suncream.

Name: Emily Rose

Studying: Modern Languages and European Politics, University of Birmingham

BYPY category: Aspiring Talent

1) If you could go back in time and have one conversation with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you discuss?

I would love to have a conversation with Emmeline Pankhurst, simply because I find the things she achieved truly inspiring.

I would ask her how she had the courage to stand up and carry out the things she did and, more importantly, what she would think if she was living in our society today.

2) Which single element of any city in the world that you have visited would you like to see transplanted into Birmingham?

I spent some time last summer in Budapest and can honestly say it was the most amazing city I have visited.

While I enjoyed every aspect of the place, if there was one element I would like to see transplanted into Birmingham it would definitely be the food and drink street culture.

In the parks and open spaces there are huge, open, double decker bars and food stalls, all fitted with huge, quirky tables and wooden benches which encourage people to sit together and chat with others.

There was always an incredible atmosphere because it was never empty or quiet and always filled with people from all across Europe, whose stories were all completely different. I loved it.

3) Which technological innovation would you happily see consigned to history and what would you like to see invented which doesn't yet exist?

Having been a student for four years now, indulging on many a takeaway, I can say definitively pizza cutters do not work. Scissors do the job, if not to a better standard, so for that reason I would happily see them consigned to history.

In terms of creation, I would personally love to see the invention of a suncream-spraying machine. I envisage something similar to the huge water driers that can be seen in theme parks and could be placed near beaches or pools.

It would mean no more having to deal with sand or chlorine when applying suncream - you would just have to stand in the machine and away you go.

4) Think about who your ideal dinner guests might be but instead you can only invite their relatives. Who would you choose and what would you ask them?

If I could have anyone over for dinner, it would hands down be Stephen Fry. I find the man absolutely hilarious.

But if I had to have his relatives over instead, then I would ask them what it has been like having such a celebrated personality within the family and, of course, if he really is as funny at home as he is on TV.

Politics is also a passion of mine so I would love to speak to the family of Barack Obama and ask what belonging to the family of such a remarkable president has been like.

5) There are many 'National Days', some more obscure than others, but which one would you like to create that doesn't already exist?

Taking inspiration from The Vicar of Dibley and the infamous animals in the church episode, I propose a National Bring Your Pet To Work Day.

Sure, it might be a bit messy and unruly, but you can't tell me it wouldn't be hilarious and I don't know many people who dislike animals.