Aston Science Park's Seminars for Success programme has achieved its biggest triumph so far.

The latest event, entitled " Where are the opportunities?" focused on business to business marketing and attracted over 100 delegates, double the number expected.

Topics under discussion included tactics for building relationships, five ways to increase business profits and a case study by John Handley, from LDC (Lloyds TSB Development Capital), on medical software firm iSoft, which is located at Aston Science Park.

Sponsored by Aston Science Park, The Wilkes Partnership, Parker Business Development and Lloyds TSB, the programme is aimed at managers and senior executives and identifies critical elements that a company will have to consider in order to drive sustainable business improvement and growth.

Team development, sales techniques, how to close a deal and financial and legal issues are also dealt with as part of the programme.

Matthew Hidderley, business development executive at Aston Science Park, said: "The response to the event's programme has been really positive and I am confident that delegates will continue to be entertained with interesting and informative presentations in a relaxed environment.

"There is plenty on offer for businesses looking to grow and develop learning from speakers share their knowledge on a range of subjects with networking opportunities during the morning including visiting the event exhibition area."

Andy Parker, managing director of Parker Business Development said: "We are pleased to be supporting the science park's series of events.

"The programme is a powerful platform for delegates to benefit from advice on personal development and to gain assistance from leading professionals in the West Midlands."

The next event in the series is entitled "Defining the Way Forward."

It will look at ways to grow a business and will be held at Faraday Wharf, Aston Science Park on May 4.

Another event on May 19 will deal with pensions and tax planning.