Birmingham-based Caribbean food maker Cleone Foods is enjoying the taste of success as it celebrates its 18th anniversary today.

The company, which was started by Jamaican-born Wade Lyn in 1988, currently has a turnover of £2.1 million and employs 45 people at its facility in Hockley.

Cleone Foods began when Mr Lyn moved to England and set out to bring the authentic taste of the Caribbean to the UK.

Today, he is making more than 100,000 Island Delight patties a week for retailers across the country - and it all started with a young man's passion for food from his home.

Patties are at the heart of traditional Caribbean cuisine and part of everyday life across the islands; from Jamaica to Antigua. The recipe has remained the same for years; a light pastry crust filled with fresh ingredients like chicken, lamb, vegetables and Caribbean spices.

Mr Lyn, managing director and founder of Cleone Foods, said: "Growing up in the Caribbean patties were a staple for all of the family.

We would eat patties as a snack at lunchtime or as a main meal in the evening.

"When I came over to the UK as a teenager I was surprised to find how difficult it was to buy a pattie - and a bag of chips just wasn't the same. Later on I decided I wanted to help bring the vibrant Caribbean tastes and flavours I grew up with to the British market."

After setting up Cleone Food Mr Lyn initially started selling to small retailers. But he soon attracted attention from supermarkets.

Caribbean patties became increasingly popular with the British public.

He said: "As demand for Island Delight patties started to grow I was always careful to ensure the recipe remained authentic and the fillings traditional.

"I regularly returned to Jamaica and spent time with my mother and also Aunt Dell, who ran the small bakery in my home town. Aunt Dell helped me develop new fillings that were popular in Jamaica and I still ring her now. It has always been really important to me that Island Delight patties remain authentic."

Island Delight patties are currently available with seven fillings, including vegetable, chicken, beef, lamb, salt fish, halal chicken and halal lamb.

Island Delight currently accounts for 55 per cent of the pattie market and is continually growing, with new retailers coming on board all the time. Currently Island Delight patties are available in Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Iceland and Somerfield stores across the UK.