Leamington internet specialist firm Sincordia has developed a new online auction facility for Hitchcock's Motorcycles, the world's largest mail-order supplier of Royal Enfield motorcycle parts based in Solihull.

It means customers from all over the world can now bid online for bargain parts. The website is regarded by classic motorcycle buffs as one of the easiest and most comprehensive to use.

Hitchcock's has seen a huge increase in the number of orders.

During May, the website received an average of 55,000 hits per day or 1,400 unique visitors, which for such a specialised market, is extremely high.

Staff levels at Hitchcock's have been increased to cope with the popularity of the auction and online ordering system.

Parts available to bid for range from original parts books to carburettors and camshafts. One of the most unusual items sold recently was a virtually complete Royal Enfield "Flying Flea", a WW2 motorcycle that was thrown out of airplanes with a parachute to the troops below. The item was sold for a bargain at only £101.

Allan Hitchcock, managing director of Hitchcock's, said: "The online auction has been a resounding success, far more than we anticipated.

"The brief we gave Sincordia was to keep the website and auction facility simple which is what they've done and why it works so effectively."

Simon Lavin, managing director of Sincordia, added: "However complex the site is behind the scenes, our brief was to ensure the website is simple to use. The auction facility is just another function that Sincordia specialises and excels in."