Insurance broker Aon is launching a free and impartial advisory service to SME businesses to ensure their insurance programmes are equipped for the risks of today’s economic climate.

Aon’s “Health Check” will comprise an insurance audit followed by a written report of findings and recommendations. The company says it enables businesses to identify and effectively manage exposure to risks that harm their companies and ensure the insurance represents value in terms of premiums.

Gerry Callaghan, sales director of Aon’s SME team, said: “For many businesses, this is a time of preservation and protection. Over 100 SME businesses close every day, some of which could have been saved by effective management of their risks.

“We have to do more than just react, so Aon is taking a proactive approach with to help SME businesses analyse their insurance programmes. This way, we can help ensure they are protected.”

Jesper Paul, also of Aon’s SME team, added: “We are talking to a number of FTSE 500 organisations who are interested in extending consultative reviews as an added value benefit to clients.

“By ensuring their clients’ insurable risks are efficiently covered, they protect their own business as a result.”

The Aon Health Check is available for any SME business with turnover between £2-£20 million. For more information or to book, call 0800 028 8502.