A Midlands entrepreneur has developed a new system to detect foetal distress during childbirth and dramatically cut down on the number of emergency Caesarean sections performed.

Eddie Adamowicz, an ex bio-chemist and criticalcare specialist, from Derby, has invented and developed the system known as the Cinimod Scalp Pen and will launch it in the UK, Russia and Italy later this year.

The pen is designed to cut down on the time taken to collect a sample to measure a baby's blood-gas levels to ensure there is enough oxygen during childbirth and avoid foetal distress.

The process can take up to 20 minutes to collect one of two samples of blood to measure gas levels. However, the new scalp pen will do the same job in under five minutes. In many cases, delays in obtaining getting this information can lead to a mother having to undergo a Caesarean Section.

The procedure has currently reached an all-time high with the number of births by Caesarean Section standing at around one in four in the UK. The new pen should mean many more mothers can have an earlier accurate measurement of oxygen levels and avoid surgery.

The pen is also disposable and so free from infection and the information gathered from the test should also make medical negligence cases far clearer.

Mr Adamowicz, who is advised by Lichfield lawfirm Keelys, plans a worldwide launch of the product in 2006.