41 (37) Robbie Williams £98m (£90m)

The Donna Louise Trust Treetops Hospice in Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent costs £4,000 a week to run. Fortunately the hospice has one of the world’s biggest pop stars as a willing benefactor.

On several occasions Robbie Williams has dipped into his pocket to help with their fundraising, and Treetops is just one of the North Staffordshire good causes he helps out.

Through his own charity Give it Sum he supports many community-based projects.

It’s been a bit of a mixed year for Stoke’s most famous singer. He started it off in rehab, he hasn’t been troubling the charts as much as he’s used to, and he has had to watch his ex-band-mates in Take That take the country by storm, but he has had his successes, most of them outside of the UK, with both records and concerts.

In the United Arab Emirates he got an award for the country’s best concert, in Mexico and Hong Kong he picked up awards for his record Rudebox and Germany he was voted International Artist of the Year.

Aged 33, he was born and raised in Burslem. His father was a comedian and his mother a florist. He was a member of boy band Take That from 1990 to 1995, and after leaving became one of the most successful male solo artists in British history with album sales approaching 55 million worldwide.

In 2002, he signed the biggest recording contract in British music history with an £80 million deal with EMI.

The proceeds of that deal are still rolling in, although his relationship with EMI bosses has reportedly become increasingly difficult since their company's takeover.

In October he returned to a live stage for the first time in almost 10 months when he made a guest appearance at Mark Ronson’s concert in Los Angeles. However the United States remains the one market where he has failed to make a huge impact, despite spending most of his time in LA.

He is a car enthusiast, owning a Ducati 999S, a 1973 E-Type Jaguar and a Jaguar XKR convertible. He is a lifelong supporter of Port Vale FC and is a shareholder.