31= (26) Alan Jackson £140m (£130m)

The apparently never-ending row over funding for the desperately needed rebuild of New Street Station continues, mired in political point-scoring and accusations of chicanery. Meanwhile nothing gets done.

This will be a source of intense frustration for Alan Jackson, founder of Birmingham-based Intercity Mobile. He believes passionately that the redevelopment of New Street should be a priority for the city.

Alan Jackson has been a champion of Birmingham business for many years and is a long-time supporter of The Birmingham Post Business Awards, having given 20 years of unbroken sponsorship to the scheme. He founded Intercity Mobile Communications in 1985 and it has gone from strength to strength, along with parent company Giftsign. In 1994 the company secured its international credentials with the establishment of Intercity BV based in Amsterdam.

Intercity has become the UK’s largest independent cellular telephone service provider and is well established as a communications systems provider in the corporate sector, employing more than 200 people. The company is worth around £120 million.

The company has more 70,000 users, providing installation, aftersales support and everything in between. Alan Jackson, aged 55, has kept pace with technology and Intercity offers 3G, broadband a data cellular mobile communications to businesses large and small.

Some of the company’s latest innovations include the transmission of handwritten or drawn information instantly via a Smartphone or mobile computer, and vehicle tracking technology allowing firms to keep track of company cars, vans or trucks through Mobile Eye digital technology.

All this activity has fed through to the bottom line. Latest posted results show turnover of £65 million, asset value approaching £40 million and profits of around £5 million.