14 (13=) Roy Richardson and family £460m (£400m)

Business leaders from all over the UK turned out in their hundreds to pay their respects to Don Richardson who died last September, aged 77.

The guest list for the memorial service at St John’s Church, Hagley Hall was a who’s who of tycoons and dignitaries; such was the esteem in which the younger twin brother of Roy Richardson was held.

His death brought to an end the legendary partnership of Don and Roy Richardson who founded the hugely successful Richardson Group of companies which now develops property internationally. But despite expansion across the world, the Richardson twins will still be best remembered for one of their earliest and biggest regeneration developments on their own doorstep - the transformation of the 300-acre former Round Oak Steelworks into the Merry Hill Shopping Centre - one of the biggest retail centres in Europe.

The company is now run by Lee, Martyn and Carl Richardson. European activities alone add up to an impressive £3 billion portfolio managed from its headquarters in Oldbury.

New horizons include a £50 million joint venture deal with locally-based Carillion Plc to develop prime sites in the fast expanding Toronto area of Canada.

The company has also invested £40 million in a 9.3 per cent stake in Rank, the troubled bingo, gambling and leisure group. Lee Richardson is at pains to point out that this is an investment in undervalued stock rather than a strategic move or the beginnings a takeover approach.

The UK Richardson business continues to be successful with a range of projects that typify the style of developments with which the Richardsons have become synonymous.

Always seeking to move forward, in August the company, along with Milligan Ltd of which Richardsons is a shareholder, sold the 95 per cent let prestigious Metquarter shopping centre in Liverpool to Anglo-Irish Bank and Alanis Capital for £90 million.

The main Richardson company, Swiftfire, has assets of more than £150 million. In its last published figures Swiftfire made a £38 million profit. The family has interests in other property and non-property related businesses.