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Birmingham Glee Club owner Mark Tughan

Birmingham's first comedy club The Glee Club celebrates 20 years of jokes

Birmingham's first comedy club is celebrating 20 years of jokes. Owner Mark Tughan tells Roz Laws the secrets of his success

The world of stand-up is a funny old game

Stand-up comedian James Cook holding a Buckaroo game for his new show about board games, Always Be Rolling
Edinburgh Fringe Festival is up and running with more than 3,000 shows in 250 venues. Roz Laws rounds up the Midland artists taking part and talks to a playful comedian

People were telling me I could make it big in the States...but I like it here in Birmingham

Comedian Jasper Carrott
Jasper Carrott made his TV debut 40 years ago and is now back on the road again. As he prepares to play the second biggest outdoor audience of his career, he talks to Graham Young about keeping it fresh

Master of puns Tim Vine sticking to one-liners for laughs

Tim Vine
Tim Vine is swapping puns for the world of pork belly futures as a temporary share trader. But, he tells Alison Jones , he is not giving up the day job that took him so long to find

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