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Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo with one of the 5,000 sculptures being created

The heat is on for ice tribute to city's Fallen

A unique and poignant exhibition of 5,000 ice sculptures is being staged this weekend. Roz Laws finds out how it's done.

How Tolkien's fantasy novel almost never got published

Dr Philippa Semper, a University of Birmingham lecturer
It's 60 years since The Lord of the Rings heralded the dawn of a new era for fantasy writing. University of Birmingham lecturer Dr Philippa Semper, tells of JJR Tolkien's battle to get it on book shelves. Graham Young reports

On course for a muddy challenge

Participants can enjoy wading through mud on the night-time obstacle course of Reaper Events.
Fancy spending six miles wading through mud, crawling through tunnels and struggling over walls - and doing all of that in the dark? Mary Griffin talks to the man behind a Midlands-based obstacle run.

Pianist puts life and soul into festival

Concert pianist Peter Donohoe at his home in Solihull.
World renowned pianist Peter Donohoe has been delighting audiences in Wales this week. Christopher Morley reports

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