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Labour MP Gisela Stuart won't reveal whether she wants Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May as Prime Minister

Brexit-supporting Labour MP Gisela Stuart says she wants  'a government with a strong majority' but that won't be a Labour government

Labour MP Gisela Stuart has predicted her party will lose the 2017 general election .

And the Brexit-supporting MP refused to say that she wants Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister.

Asked repeatedly by BBC journalist Justin Webb whether Mr Corbyn or Conservative leader Theresa May was the best person to oversee Brexit as Prime Minister, she declined to give a clear answer.

Mrs Stuart, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston , said she wanted to see a government with a strong majority - but said she believed this was unlikely to be a Labour government.

But she said she wanted people to vote Labour, to get as many Labour MPs as possible in the House of Commons.

The MP was speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, following Mrs May’s announcement that she wants to hold an early general election on June 8.

Mrs Stuart said: “I want a government with a strong majority and at the moment, unfortunately, that looks to me less likely to be a Labour government.”

But she insisted: “I want people to vote Labour”. Mrs Stuart added: “I would like Labour to win”.

She told Mr Webb: “It is unlikely, if I look at the figures, that we will have a Labour government, So what I want is actually a very strong representation of the Labour Party in the House of Commons.”

She added: “If I look at the figures, it is unlikely Labour will have a majority to form a government on its own.”

Mr Webb asked her three times whether Brexit would be safest with Mrs May or Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister, but Mrs Stuart failed to give a clear answer.



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