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Why Birmingham's Commonwealth Games 2022 bid is better than Liverpool's

Birmingham's bid is superior and will be delivered on time and on budget

Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement in Downing Street

Theresa May's empty Queen's Speech shows she is too weak to govern

The Prime Minister was forced to dump policies she believed in just two weeks ago - and has no answer to the public demand for an end to austerity

Labour didn't do as well in last week's general election as they seem to think

A detailed look at the general election results shows they weren't quite as bad for Theresa May or as good for Jeremy Corbyn as some people think

Echoes of West Midlands mayoral race in Theresa May's appalling election campaign

Enthusiasm and a positive message gave unexpected election results, while in the city council women have to ask to speak

Prime Minister Theresa May leaving 10 Downing Street in London for her meeting with the 1922 committee at the House of Commons on Monday June 12, 2017.

What happens to Theresa May now?

How long can Theresa May continue as Prime Minister?

Jeremy Corbyn at the Labour rally in Birmingham

General election: Why Birmingham is a Corbyn city today

Biggest Labour vote for decades shows Corbyn has struck a chord with two thirds of voters in Birmingham

Millions rushed to register for General Election 2017 - but half need not have bothered

Overworked election officials call for changes to voter registration

We haven't discussed Brexit in this general election because both parties have the same policies

It's the most important issue facing the country but Brexit has hardly been debated in the 2017 general election

Jeremy Corbyn at the Labour rally in Birmingham

Well-meaning middle class liberals used to run the country but now they have nobody to vote for

People like me have been rejected by both major parties. Maybe we deserve it.

Opinion polls show Theresa May will be the most successful Conservative leader in almost 50 years

Don't believe the hype about a Conservative meltdown. Opinion polls actually show the Conservatives on course to win an historically high share of the vote.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn arrives for an election rally at the ICC in Birmingham

Things couldn't have gone better for Labour. Jeremy Corbyn should win this general election

Against this damaged Conservative leader and her misjudged election campaign, Labour really should win.

Theresa May forgot about the 'just about managing classes' and it turned out to be a huge mistake

Theresa May used to present herself as the champion of working people but her general election campaign is all about the Cult of May

Sheldon, Birmingham, UK. Election ballot boxes being delivered to Sheldon Community Centre

We were once likened to a 'banana republic', so why does Birmingham ignore election warnings

Overseas observers have been highlighting problems, but they persist

A rainbow banner leading towards Iron Man at the start of Pride 2016

Be vigilant, but carry on and don't let peddlers of evil win

David Jamieson, who will be marching at Birmingham Pride on Saturday, pays tribute to emergency services and calls for people to go about their daily lives

Conservatives are banking on our love for Theresa May

The Conservative manifesto was short on detail but Tories hope voters trust Theresa May enough not to care

Service Birmingham

City Council has finally called time on a bad deal

...and election fever, a whose got the biggest competition and good and bad news for city leader

Conservative manifesto will aim to convince voters in Teesside to back the Tories

Theresa May hopes to make gains in the West Midlands but she has an even more ambitious goal - to win seats in Labour's North East heartland

Prime Minister Theresa May

May's misfiring media strategy is nothing new

Prime Minister's decision to shut out local reporters during factory visit brings a sense of déjà vu for local government correspondent Neil Elkes

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

The Conservatives are not unbeatable - they've just been lucky

Despite appearances, the Tories haven't smashed Labour. They've benefited from the collapse in support for smaller parties such as the Lib Dems and UKIP.

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at a general election campaign event in Leeds.

Why Theresa May wants you to believe she could lose this general election

Everybody thinks the Tories are going to win the 2017 general election but here's why they want you to believe they might lose.

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Commonwealth Games 2022: Where Birmingham will host gymnastics, boxing and weight-lifting

Cars parked during the school run on Wheelers Lane, Kings Heath

£100k war chest to tackle school run bust-ups

20mph speed limit

This is where the next 20mph roads are coming in Birmingham

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