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Passengers wait for a train

Investment in rail and metro, not the M6 Toll, will make the real difference

Conservative candidate for West Midlands Mayor Andy Street pledges to make opening the Black Country Metro extension and Camp Hill rail line a priority for his first term

Why homelessness threatens to split Birmingham's Labour group

There was a Labour group rebellion over a proposed £10 million cut to the supporting people fund

A New Town will emerge anyway, so why not start planning for it now

Birmingham development plan targets Sutton Coldfield green belt - but something more radical is needed to meet demand

Deborah Cane, Collections Care officer, gives Lucifer a clean after his move to the round room at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

A new Museum for Birmingham

Birmingham Museum Trust chairman Ian Grosvenor and director Ellen McAdam outline their vision for the future of the city's historic Museum and Art Gallery

The Chanceller blew his chance to deal with housing crisis

Progress on devolution, poor on housing and social care. Birmingham City Council leader John Clancy responds to Autumn Statement

City budget crisis suggests very dark days ahead

Cabinet members and managers have held a series of strained meetings to discuss where the axe might fall and so far very little detail has emerged.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

If anyone deserves a peerage it's Nigel Farage

Brexit remainers shouldn't be bitter - nobody's achieved more than Nigel.

Ban on bully bailiffs scaring the vulnerable was long overdue

The council has heard harrowing accounts of disabled, elderly and those with young children being harassed, bullied and relentlessly pursued by bailiffs

Will anyone be able to clear up Birmingham City Council's problems?

Why is the Government unwilling to take action over Birmingham mess?

Local government correspondent Neil Elkes asks why Birmingham City Council seems permanently on central government's naughty step yet no-one is willing to step in and clear up

US Presidential election: What happens to America after the election?

Racism and divisions which used to be hidden have come to the surface during the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

A Living Wage is good for business

Unision regional secretary says businesses have seen productivity and turnover improvements after paying the Living Wage

The M6 Toll Road near Cannock

Nationalise the M6 Toll and free us from traffic nightmare

Labour candidate for West Midlands mayor Siôn Simon calls on Government to hand over the M6 Toll road and ease the chronic congestion on our road

US Election: It's easy to hate Donald Trump but he speaks for many Americans

Many Americans feel the system isn't working for them and Donald Trump is their champion

Whiff of revolt on the backbenches

With divisions and wounds in the Labour camp still raw following last autumn’s bitter leadership contest, perhaps members are feeling a little less loyal and more likely to rattle the cage of the cabinet.

Do we want rank amateurs, or do we want to pay our leaders properly?

Brigid Jones comments about maternity rights highlight a massive divide between the assumed role of councillors and the reality.

Comment: Greater Birmingham is no brainer but political realities mean it will not happen

Artificial grouping of the Black Country, Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry under the West Midlands Combined Authority banner has a big identity problem. Meanwhile the Tories choose their mayoral candidate from a shortlist of one.

A budget cuts protest in Victoria Square.

City leadership needs to get a grip

The city council faces a massive financial crisis, meanwhile an unlikely figure has turned up to cheer on Jeremy Corbyn

RIDICULOUS: Birmingham can be outvoted by Solihull and Walsall on new super council

Government is moving towards equal sized constituencies, but that rule does not apply for new West Midlands Combined Authority          

Julian Knight

Opinion: We need a grammar school to give every child a fair chance

The comprehensive school system gives middle class children an unfair advantage, says Solihull MP Julian Knight

Prime Minister Theresa May says she'll lead a government for people who

Opinion: Theresa May promises a Government for the 'strugglers'

Forget about the shirkers and the strivers - today's Conservative government has the "strugglers" in its sights

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Birmingham binmen at work.

Birmingham will have weekly bin collections until at least 2020

Birmingham homeless budget axed by £10m - days after rough sleeper dies on city street

Birmingham and Brexit: 15 things that have happened in the West Midlands thanks to the EU

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