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Sheldon, Birmingham, UK. Election ballot boxes being delivered to Sheldon Community Centre

We were once likened to a 'banana republic', so why does Birmingham ignore election warnings

Overseas observers have been highlighting problems, but they persist

A rainbow banner leading towards Iron Man at the start of Pride 2016

Be vigilant, but carry on and don't let peddlers of evil win

David Jamieson, who will be marching at Birmingham Pride on Saturday, pays tribute to emergency services and calls for people to go about their daily lives

Conservatives are banking on our love for Theresa May

The Conservative manifesto was short on detail but Tories hope voters trust Theresa May enough not to care

Service Birmingham

City Council has finally called time on a bad deal

...and election fever, a whose got the biggest competition and good and bad news for city leader

Conservative manifesto will aim to convince voters in Teesside to back the Tories

Theresa May hopes to make gains in the West Midlands but she has an even more ambitious goal - to win seats in Labour's North East heartland

Prime Minister Theresa May

May's misfiring media strategy is nothing new

Prime Minister's decision to shut out local reporters during factory visit brings a sense of déjà vu for local government correspondent Neil Elkes

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

The Conservatives are not unbeatable - they've just been lucky

Despite appearances, the Tories haven't smashed Labour. They've benefited from the collapse in support for smaller parties such as the Lib Dems and UKIP.

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at a general election campaign event in Leeds.

Why Theresa May wants you to believe she could lose this general election

Everybody thinks the Tories are going to win the 2017 general election but here's why they want you to believe they might lose.

Hebe the godess of youth statue in Corporation Street

Time for our great women to break the bronze ceiling

University of Birmingham lecturer Chris Game says the city needs to up its recognition of female icons in its public artwork

West Midlands Mayor election: Style matters as much as substance

Which candidate will make the better West Midlands Mayor could be a judgement call on who's approach will get the best deal for Birmingham           

Theresa May's advisor Nick Timothy. Photo taken from his Twitter profile.

Erdington constituency will be Birmingham's general election battleground

Erdington is where the Conservatives and Labour will concentrate resources in the 2017 general election

Why your vote counts more in West Midlands Mayoral race than the general election

With a proportional voting system and a close battle a small number of voters can influence the West Midlands Mayoral race

Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement to the nation in Downing Street on April 18, 2017.

Theresa May says she needs a general election to save Brexit

Theresa May says she needs an early general election on June 8 to save Brexit but it's really about smashing the Labour Party

Why Solihull's green belt is in firing line

Also why a communist is standing for election, how the Tories deal with anti-Semitism and why council officials get big pension payouts

Why the Liberal Democrat Brexit fightback threatens Theresa May

Liberal Democrats are staging a comeback and this is a problem for the Conservatives

Who gets your vote: Failed salsa dancer or Take That fan?

At Birmingham Mail debate West Midlands Mayor candidates reveal their showbiz ambitions and city ccouncillors are in a funny mood

Why Birmingham's Labour candidates are stuck in limbo

The Labour hierarchy has decided to put off selections for a couple of months rather than risk rejected hopefuls downing tools during mayoral campaign

Unite the Union leader Len McCluskey.

Len McCluskey: I will continue to fight for jobs, investment and skills

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey responds to criticism from Birmingham MP Jack Dromey, as Unite's leadership election continues

Prime Minister Theresa May signs the letter triggering Article 50

I've finally been forced to accept that Brexit really is happening

Theresa May says 'there can be no turning back' now that Article 50 has been triggered, and she's right

Comment: Is this Government intervention in all but name

The impressive Stella Manzie has taken top job at Birmingham City Council but who was behind the appointment

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New Aston Science Park delayed by tiny colony of ANTS

General Election 2017: Health Service candidate says main parties have let Redditch down

A see-through hospital and three other things we learned from Birmingham's planning committee this week

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