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Andrew Mitchell outside his north London home

'Plebgate' police officer feels sorry for Andrew Mitchell

Ian Richardson, who recently retired after 30 years in the Metropolitan Police, said it was a "nonsense incident" and criticised Scotland Yard's handling of the row

We'll tell civil servants to move out of London, says Ed Balls

Ed Balls speaks at the Labour Party Conference
Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls says a Labour government would order Whitehall departments to draw up plans to shift jobs out of London

Birmingham City Council 'should outsource bins service'

Legacy of Service Birmingham has prompted city council auditor to suggest outsourcing refuse collection
Official auditor urges authority to consider outsourcing refuse collection ahead of massive budget cuts which will see council having to save £400m over the next four years  

Latest renovation at historic Woodman pub

The Woodman, in New Canal Street, and the old Curzon Street rail terminal
City centre hostelry which re-opened after fours years is due to unveil new first floor space next weekend

Midland MP Fabricant: Plebgate court case down to absence of humility

Michael Fabricant
Lichfield MP Mr Fabricant took to Twitter to suggested Andrew Mitchell could have avoided a lengthy court battle
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho

'If Manchester is the Mourinho of how to run things then we're in a lower league altogether'

Chris Game argues that Birmingham seems content to be a slavish follower of Manchester and Greater Manchester and the way it has led in matters such as combined authorities

A long life ahead: But lifespans differ significantly in different parts of the region

Life expectancy rises - but children born in richer parts of the West Midlands live three years longer

It matters where you live: new official figures people in wealthier areas of the West Midlands can expect to live up to three years longer

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham awarded £80 million for quantum physics project

Funding will go towards work on quantum sensors which could be used for a plethora of tasks from mapping underground pipework to helping research into dementia

Former M&B Pump House at Cape Hill

Former M&B Pump House to go under hammer

Victorian brewery pump house and part of an 18th century country residence are among the lots at an auction next month

UKIP leader Nigel Farage

UKIP will only go so far before it's turned back

Nigel Farage's party certainly gets its fair share of headlines, but will that convert into actual seats come next May?

Is it time to head back to Whitehall with the begging bowl?

Eric Pickles
Perhaps the biggest threat is the soaring cost of child protection – the priority service for the city

Videos & Photos

The Woodman, in New Canal Street, and the old Curzon Street rail terminal

Latest renovation at historic Woodman pub

Owner Simon Ranson-Tester with a £17,500 Louis Roederer Cristal 2002 Gold Medallion Jeroboam encrusted in 24 Carat Gold at new off-licence the Drinks Emporium on the Aston Road

The Drinks Emporium in Birmingham stocks £17,500 Champagne at new shop

Photo archive of inner-city Birmingham revealed 50 years on

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