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The coast near Swansea

Government announces 23 new Marine Conservation Zones

The Government has recently announced the designation of 23 new Marine Conservation Zones meaning that 20% of England's seas, about 8,000 square miles is theoretically protected.

A road near the River Loddon in Charvil, Berkshire is closed due to flood water.

The continued problem of flooding in the UK

There has been no respite and flooding continues in many places, neither the water, the Government nor the weather seems to be moving on.

A beaver

2015 was a bad year for nature

Looking back over 2015 it is easy to find the bad news for nature, finding the good news not so.

Bolney Bubbly NV

The Bolney Bubbly NV will make the perfect aperitif

Richard Saxton samples a Bolney Bubbly NV, a tremendously fun wine where the elderflower notes leap out of the glass.

A rescue team helps to evacuate people from their homes after Storm Desmond caused flooding.

More needs to be spent on engineered flood defences

The floods are no surprise, scientists have been predicting such events for a generation because of global warming.

A bee

Catch the Birmingham Buzz

Birmingham is one of eight cities where landscapes will be improved by planting wildflowers to attract and support bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other important insects.

A long-tailed blue butterfly, as after six consecutive poor summers, a hot July and August helped to turn around the fortunes for much of our wildlife.

Insect world embraces climate change

New species of bees, dragonflies, butterflies and many other insects are now breeding in Britain for the first time.


See your garden as a potential nature reserve

There was a time when wildlife and nature reserves were thought of as being somewhere else, anywhere else in fact, than in towns and cities.

A green veined white butterfly near Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

We cannot go on reaping from the natural world without sowing

The Government begins the challenge to frame a 25 year plan for better looking after nature, both for its own sake and for the benefits it brings to us.

Eastside City Park, Birmingham.

Birmingham's missing park

Although Birmingham is famous for its parks and open spaces it has never had an attraction in its own right, a magnet for those visitors from home and abroad craved by the city’s hoteliers and restauranteurs.

The River Rea after heavy rain.

Why the quality of water is vital for our wildlife

In Britain a quarter of our original wetland species have become extinct, and the populations of those remaining are much reduced.

A mandarin duck, taken by Clare Rees of Pant, Merthyr Tydfil

Marvellous Mandarins brightening up West Midland lakes

The mandarin duck, a native of China and other far eastern countries, was brought here in the eighteenth century to brighten up waterfowl collections.

A colourful parakeet

Are the ring-necked parakeets in West Bromwich to stay?

In deepest West Bromwich our gardens are now visited by ring-necked parakeets. With their noisy squawks, bright green plumage and parrot plumpness they bring a tropical touch to our northern climes.

Speckled wood butterfly

Help The Royal Society of Biology record the insect population

The Royal Society of Biology are asking people to be on the look out for insects and to vote for their favourite species.

A gull

Don't be Gullible in Cornwall

If you are about to take a holiday in Cornwall beware - the gulls there are said to be on the warpath.

Haden Hill Park in Rowley Regis

The Black Country is a land of ice and fire

With this nod to the book upon which 'Game of Thrones' is based, happy 40 birthday to the Black Country Geological Society.

A Foxglove

Favourite Wildlife

In addition to the general election there has recently been two more national polls. One to find the nation’s favourite birds, and one to do the same for wild flowers.

Wild flowers

Flowers on the Verge

With the loss of nearly all of our flowery meadows over the last few decades roadside verges have become very important refuges for wildflowers.


Chemicals in pesticides are adversely affecting many species

The current ban on pesticides containing nicotine-like chemicals, or neonicotinoids has now taken on a wider significance.

Wild flowers

Threat to Nature Conservation

Decades of progress in the protection of wildlife may be derailed by a review of the European Union's nature conservation legislation.

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Woodfield Barn in Northampton Lane, Ombersley, Worcestershire.

Alfresco dining heaven in perfect period home

Luxury apartments in The Chase in Digby Road, Sutton Coldfield.

Luxury Sutton Coldfield apartments expected to deliver on the quality front

French chateau (or part of one) at Seine-et-Marne in Isle-de-France.

Turn your hopes of owning a property abroad into reality


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