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House sparrow.

Worrying report is a stark warning to the state of our wildlife

The nation's nature conservation organisations have published a worrying report on the overall health of our wildlife.

A wild badger in woodland

Badger or Scapegoat?

The Government has announced an extension of the badger cull in its efforts to eradicate bovine TB.

The British Union Flag and the European Flag

Dog Days could be near for British wildlife

There is an opportunity now to reform and improve the ways we reward those who manage land for helping wildlife; equally there is a huge risk that the imperfections of the present system will be used as an excuse to dismantle the whole process.

A painted lady butterfly

No satnav required for the Painted lady butterfly

Painted lady butterflies migrate every summer from Africa and southern Europe to the British Isles and beyond, sometimes reaching Iceland.

A hazel dormouse.

Whispers in the Woods

As Andrea Leadsom's new brief includes support to farmers, currently delivered through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), wildlife should perhaps be worried.

Green land off St Francis Avenue off Monastery Road and St Bernard's Road, close to Olton Friary RC Church in Solihull.

Artificial grass is flawless, flowerless and soulless

Garden lawns, which can be turned into mini-meadows, are now under threat from artificial grass.

Muntjac deer

The Case of The Deer in The Night

Suburbia, with its large gardens and quiet corners, seems to be good habitat for the Muntjac deer.


How can the flowers of our open spaces be increased?

The Birmingham and Black Country's Nature Improvement Area Partnership, led by the Wildlife Trust, has created 40 meadows in the conurbation.

A bird feeder being used

Random acts of wildness with the 30 Days Wild campaign

The Wildlife Trusts are repeating last year's successful 30 Days Wild campaign in which thousands of people took part.

A Small Copper butterfly, which has joined the list of UK butterflies suffering significant declines

All is not well with Butterfly conservation

More than half of the species monitored in the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme in 2015 declined, partly as a result of the very dry spring and cold and wet summer.

Turtle Dove

Malta presents a great danger to the migrating bird population

Migratory species generally move south in the autumn and north in the spring. Their journeys take them across many countries, one of the smallest of which presents a great danger.

Chapel Down English Pinot Blanc

Two English wines perfect for this patriotic time of year

Richard Saxton recommends two noteworthy English wines that would be perfect for celebrating the Queen's birthday and St George's Day

A bird looks out of a nest box

How we can all chip in to help with nature conservation

Everyone as individuals can do much to help nature conservation, especially in respect of our local wildlife.


RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch records change

This year nearly 520,000 people have recorded over eight and a quarter million birds in their gardens.

Water vole

The EU: How Would Wildlife Vote?

The EU has developed policies and action for the environment and wildlife based on sound science, strategic thinking, and stability free of the short-term election cycles of member countries.

Cannock Chase

Where will the West Midlands Combined Authority stand on nature?

Looking at WMCA’s early public statements it is difficult to see where nature fits in with its plans.

Blooming dandelion meadows

The humble colt's-foot is a significant early flowerer

Colt's-foot brightens our neighbourhoods when little else is in flower, it feeds insects and was once a freely available medicine. Nothing in nature is insignificant.

The coast near Swansea

Government announces 23 new Marine Conservation Zones

The Government has recently announced the designation of 23 new Marine Conservation Zones meaning that 20% of England's seas, about 8,000 square miles is theoretically protected.

A road near the River Loddon in Charvil, Berkshire is closed due to flood water.

The continued problem of flooding in the UK

There has been no respite and flooding continues in many places, neither the water, the Government nor the weather seems to be moving on.

A beaver

2015 was a bad year for nature

Looking back over 2015 it is easy to find the bad news for nature, finding the good news not so.

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