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Arctic convoys in WW2

Russia honours heroic Midland Arctic convoy sailors after 70 years

Midland survivors of the Arctic convoy missions from hell presented with medal by Russian embassy.

General business

Interesting - and dangerous - times in Ukraine

Ukraine has had the misfortune to be the battleground of conflicts for centuries going back to the invasion by the Mongols in the twelfth century.

There are rumours Yulia Tymoshenko could run for Ukrainian president

There's always a price to pay after a messy revolution

Messy and complicated conflicts frequently results in extremely unsavoury leaders. We ‘do business’ with them if it suits geo-political or economic needs.

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

What will become of Sochi when big-money sponsors leave town?

Although the Games will be over soon, these things always leave a legacy – whether good or bad – and it will be interesting to see the aftermath of Sochi.

Jenny Walker who runs the Midlands Open Water Swim Centre in Kingsbury, Staffordshire

Braving the waters like David Cameron and Vladimir Putin in new trend for outdoor swimming

A growing wave of swimmers are turning their backs on the pool to head for the great outdoors. Mary Griffin finds a lake on the outskirts of Birmingham that’s enticing newcomers to take the plunge


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