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All the latest national politics news plus the local issues affecting the Birmingham and West Midlands area.

Protesters hijack city council budget meeting

Campaigners chant 'shame on you' as authority's leaders clash over £105m cuts to services including Library of Birmingham

Chris Bryant MP outlines Labour's arts and culture pledges during Fazeley Studios speech

Lara Ratnaraja, freelance creative industries consultant; Dave Peebles, The Custard Factory; Chris Bryant, MP and John Kampfner, Creative Industries Federation
MPs tells delegates he cannot promise the same doubling and trebling of budgets because society lives in a different world at the moment

Personal finance changes are more revolution than evolution

Peter Sharkey assess some of the key issues affecting the sector in 2015 ahead of the Birmingham Post's first 'Quarterly Personal Finance Report' supplement

Labour MP suggests coalition deal - with the Conservatives

Gisela Stuart
If there's a hung Parliament after May 7's general election then Labour could form a Government in coalition with the Tories, says Birmingham MP Gisela Stuart

BBC can't ignore Midlands after licence fee overhaul, MP claims

BBC in Birmingham
Proposals for a catch-all levy to fund the BBC must mean it funds all regions fairly, Birmingham MP says


Cannock Chase

Can you enjoy local greenspace?

The natural world is fundamental to our existence, and underpins all economic activity.

How many politicians does it take to run Europe's largest local authority?

The council chamber inside Birmingham Council House.
The city's councillors are getting nervous as recommendations suggest their numbers should be reduced from 120 to 100

Financial towers in the sky - it's a dead canary

A computer-generated image from the Snow Hill Masterplan showing major changes to the station
Copying the Canary Wharf model and its reliance on financial services is not the path Birmingham should be treading, argues Coun John Clancy
Ed Balls speaks at the Labour Party Conference

We'll tell civil servants to move out of London, says Ed Balls

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls says a Labour government would order Whitehall departments to draw up plans to shift jobs out of London

Ed Balls calls for "Midland Powerhouse" as he pledges to devolve cash and power to region

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and Lord Mayor of Birmingham Coun Shafique Shah
The Government's plans for a "Northern Powerhouse" are excluding the rest of the country, Labour's Shadow Chancellor has warned

English MPs rebel over Cameron and Miliband's "vow" to keep funding system which benefits Scotland

The historic referendum is currently on a knife-edge, with the Yes campaign to keep the Union together only narrowly ahead of the No voters
Midland MPs have backed a Commons motion calling for an end to an unfair funding system which gives more money to Scotland than England - despite pledge by party leaders to keep it

Protesters hijack city council budget meeting

Campaigners chant 'shame on you' as authority's leaders clash over £105m cuts to services including Library of Birmingham

West Midlands SMEs learn about digital revolution at ICC 'summit'

The Greater Birmingham Digital Summit
Topics covered at the event included what digital tools are available to SMEs, the use of social media for selling and networking, and the parliamentary perspective on the digital economy


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