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All the latest national politics news plus the local issues affecting the Birmingham and West Midlands area.

City Hospital, in Birmigham, one of the sites owned by Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, which is planning to axe more than 1,400 jobs

Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust to cut more than 1,400 jobs

Swingeing cuts will take place over the next six years as staff morale hits 'rock bottom' following announcement

New police unit to hunt down cyber crime gangs

Organised Crime Minister Karen Bradley
Minister vows to take the fight to criminals through a new regional organised crime unit in the Midlands

Midland engineers call for UK infrastructure authority

Manufacturers' organisation the EEF published a paper this week aimed at ending decades of "political wrangling and poor planning"

Minister warns of modern-day slavery in Birmingham

Organised Crime Minister Karen Bradley
Karen Bradley, the Home Office minister for modern slavery and organised crime, has called for people in the city to be on guard about slavery

UKIP policing candidate backs MEP Bill Etheridge in Hitler row

James Carver MEP, UKIP's policing candidate Keith Row, and Bill Etheridge MEP.
UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge has been condemned for praising Hitler's oratory during a recent party meeting.


Employees have the opportunity to impress employers of their abilities and talents, which, if they have any sense, will be recognised

Russell Luckock: Parliament embark on long election campaign to woo the electorate

Parliament reassembles on September 1, and from then on it will be a long election campaign to woo the electorate, who for some time have been increasingly disillusioned with politics.

Andrew Whitehead: Where's the energy for Scottish independence?

General business
Thoughts are once again turning to the call for Scottish independence, perhaps rejuvenated with a wave of national pride.

Jonathan Walker: Could the West Midlands be squeezed in a north-south vice?

Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester could join up to form a mega-city
Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester could join up to form a mega-city, but what would this mean for Birmingham?
Birmingham Council House

Councils catch fraud worth £15.6 million in West Midlands

Officials stopped 10,900 fraud scams aimed at local authorities in one year

Debate kicks off search for a world famous Birmingham landmark

Transforming the BT Tower into a pen nib sculpture was one idea put forward
A public forum has been held to discuss creating a piece of “innovative and highly visible” art which would put Birmingham on the map.

Osborne launches legislation to finally kill off regional development agencies

George Osborne launched a revolution in local government as he abolished the regional development agency and placed local councils in charge of boosting the West Midlands economy, in an emergency budget that slashed spending and drove up taxes.

Broad Street in Birmingham

Birmingham's most polluted streets unveiled

Prominent city centre streets and Spaghetti Junction named as hotspots where air is polluted with Nitrogen Dioxide

New children's services chief at Birmingham City Council

Bernadette McNally OBE, who will be the new executive director of children's services at Birmingham City Council from November
Bernadette McNally OBE to join troubled local authority department to spearhead 'substantial change programme'


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