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PHS has opened its new recycling plant in West Bromwich

This new Black Country factory turns sanitary towels into fuel

Patented process is aiming to prevent millions of hygiene products such as tampons and nappies ending up in landfill where they take up to 500 years to decompose

Waxwings at Nether Whitacre

Sightings of waxwings appearing around the West Midlands

Waxwings are unmistakable, being short-legged, plump birds about the size of a starling.

A housing shortage could see homes built on the green belt

Can we provide places for both people and wildlife to live in the next few years?

Space needs to be found in and around Birmingham and the Black Country for tens of thousands of new houses over the next few years.

Snowdrops in bloom

Glimmers of Spring are starting to show

The natural world, including local wildlife, does its best to cheer us up in what has been a very gloomy January.

Sunshine in Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston

Natural environment essential to achieving 2020 Vision for Birmingham

Local conservationists are calling on everyone in the region to pledge to protect and improve Birmingham's natural environment.

Cannon Hill Park

The lungs of the city

Peter Shirley assesses the potential fallout from council budgets cuts and their possible impact on Birmingham's green and open spaces

The blackbird should challenge the robins' Christmas monopoly.

There are about 5 million breeding pairs of blackbirds in this country, and by Christmas they will have been joined by up to five million individuals from Scandinavia and northern Europe.

Cannock Chase

Could the West Midlands Combined Authority prioritise caring for the natural world?

When will we see the Minister for the Environment reviewing the state of the natural world and bringing forward ambitious plans for its improvement.

Brownfield sites are the perfect pop-up for nature

The best of our brownfield sites have been described as 'Britain's rainforests' because of the variety of wildlife, rare and common, that colonises them.

Bats are the other stars of the night sky

Wild About Gardens Week, jointly organised by the Wildlife Trusts and the Royal Horticultural Society, focused its attention onto bats.

A Hedgehog

The worrying decline in Hedgehog numbers

Rural Hedgehog populations are down by a half, and urban populations are down by a third.

House sparrow.

Worrying report is a stark warning to the state of our wildlife

The nation's nature conservation organisations have published a worrying report on the overall health of our wildlife.

Being a binmen can be a violent job at times

Head-butted, punched, threatened with a sword... Who'd be a binman?

Local government correspondent Neil Elkes spent some time with Birmingham's waste collection teams and found it an eye-opening experience

A painted lady butterfly

No satnav required for the Painted lady butterfly

Painted lady butterflies migrate every summer from Africa and southern Europe to the British Isles and beyond, sometimes reaching Iceland.

A hazel dormouse.

Whispers in the Woods

As Andrea Leadsom's new brief includes support to farmers, currently delivered through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), wildlife should perhaps be worried.

Rolton Kilbride eyes Hams Hall for new energy centre

Renewable plant would be able to produce electricity and heat to serve local businesses

Green land off St Francis Avenue off Monastery Road and St Bernard's Road, close to Olton Friary RC Church in Solihull.

Artificial grass is flawless, flowerless and soulless

Garden lawns, which can be turned into mini-meadows, are now under threat from artificial grass.

Muntjac deer

The Case of The Deer in The Night

Suburbia, with its large gardens and quiet corners, seems to be good habitat for the Muntjac deer.

Chief executive of Liberty House Sanjeev Gupta with Douglas Dawson, chief executive of Liberty Tubular Divisions, at the new Liberty Plant in Oldbury following the takeover of Caparo Tubular Solutions

Midland steel giant invests to bring back Scottish wind tower production

Liberty House said the move takes forward its plans to build a fully-integrated steel and engineering business across the UK


How can the flowers of our open spaces be increased?

The Birmingham and Black Country's Nature Improvement Area Partnership, led by the Wildlife Trust, has created 40 meadows in the conurbation.


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