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MP Richard Burden.

Richard Burden: The EU and the Midlands - multinational issues require multinational action

Northfield Labour MP Richard Burden recalls an exchange which showed how the European Union often offers support when you don't realise

I think I finally understand why people like Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn says that 'people matter more than money' - and some voters haven't heard that before.

High Speed Rail

HS2 under fire in heated House of Lords debate

Peers clashed over the project, which has become integral into Birmingham’s regneration plans, with one calling for an independent review

Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn began the Labour leadership campaign as an outsider but could end up winning

The fear and anger of Labour MPs as they realise Jeremy Corbyn might win

His supporters use the slogan Jez We Can - but some Labour MPs fear their party is doomed if Jeremy Corbyn becomes their new leader

The Blairites are taking back control of Labour - and Yvette Cooper is their candidate

The Blairites have been quiet for years but they haven't gone away - and now they see a chance to reclaim their party

Prime Minister David Cameron with acting Labour leader Harriet Harman at the State Opening of Parliament

'One nation' - and why the PM could have the last laugh

David Cameron has a plan to change the Conservative Party’s image - and rebrand it as the party for working people and social justice.

Yvette Cooper at Stanville Primary School, Birmingham

Yvette Cooper favoured for Labour leader by Midland MPs

Mrs Cooper has the support of at least four of the city’s nine Labour MPs, more than any other contender so far

Roger Godsiff

Labour must stop being "the timid party" warns Birmingham MP

Birmingham MP Roger Godsiff says he warned former leader Ed Miliband that Labour was on course to lose the general election

Acting leader of Labour Harriet Harman has urged the party not to repeat past mistakes

Harriet Harman: We need to search our soul

Acting leader of the Labour Party says mistakes of last leadership contest cannot happen again if they are to challenge Conservatives

Sajid Javid

Midland MPs put at heart of business and finance in Westminster

Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid has has been appointed Business Secretary while Ladywood's Shabana Mahmood will be Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Labour's Gisela Stuart and Shabana Mahmood at the ICC in Birmingham

General Election 2015: More female MPs than ever - who's who in West Midlands

Conservatives have at least 65 women MPs, over a third more than 2010

Prime Minister David Cameron

General election: Attack mode as big guns scrap over Midland votes

The final days of the election campaign get down and dirty as parties take aim at each other with 'secret plans' and 'who can you trust?'

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: Time for the Midlands to make up its mind

London Mayor Boris Johnson believes the West Midlands would benefit from combined authority

Chancellor George Osborne

General election: Chancellor George Osborne warns of risk to West Midlands economy of SNP backed Labour Government

Chancellor in Longbridge  unveils new manifesto for the West Midlands with 160,000 jobs pledge and investment in new Enterprise Zones

Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls along with Parliamentary candidate for North Warwickshire Mike O'Brien visit the Sertec manufacturing plant in Coleshill

Harriet Harman's Pink Bus tour hits the West Midlands

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls joined Labour's deputy leader on campaign trail in target North Warwickshire constituency

They say they're fighting for every vote - but the parties are targeting a few key seats

They don't like to talk about it but sometimes top politicians admit this general election campaign is really targeting a small number of voters

Labour leader Ed Miliband

Labour manifesto pledges to shift powers out of London

Ed Miliband says he will release the Whitehall stranglehold on regional funding as he launches the Labour General Election manifesto

New political play Feed the Beast to be premiered in Birmingham

Wrtier Steve Thompson reveals why he wrote the play for Birmingham Rep

Labour and Tories are competing to show who offers the biggest boost in powers to local government

Councils could control an extra £30 billion under Labour plans while Conservative Chancellor George Osborne confirms Midlands is next in line for major devolution package

Labour MP Ed Balls visited the Clock cafe in Bristol Street South, Birmingham

Ed Balls: The West Midlands has been shortchanged in the Budget

Ed Balls believes Birmingham and the West Midlands have been short-changed by Chancellor George Osborne in a Budget which promised better deals for Manchester and Cambridge alone.


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