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Sepp Blatter

MEP Sion Simon demands 'disgraceful' Fifa boss steps down

Sepp Blatter is coming under increasing pressure to resign after a string of high-ranking officials were arrested on corruption charges

Prime Minister David Cameron with acting Labour leader Harriet Harman at the State Opening of Parliament

'One nation' - and why the PM could have the last laugh

David Cameron has a plan to change the Conservative Party’s image - and rebrand it as the party for working people and social justice.

David Cameron makes his closing speech to the Conservative conference 2014 in Birmingham

I'll cut tax for 2m in West Midlands, David Cameron pledges

The Prime Minister said announcements in the Queen's speech will make it easier to create jobs and wealth in

Britain's obesity epidemic

NHS boss: Parents making childhood obesity ‘normal’

  • NHS

Parents who allow their children to eat junk food and lead sedentary lifestyles are “normalising obesity”, the head of the NHS in England has warned.

Prime Minister David Cameron is hoping to capitalise on his General Election victory by introducing key elements of his education strategy quickly

Teaching Union slams plan to sack heads of failing schools

60 'inadequate' city schools could be forced to reopen as academies

Mike Whitby and Boris Johnson at Downing Street

Why is government allowing the West Midlands to drag out the elected mayor issue?

When the subject of a directly elected mayor has reared its head in Birmingham it has traditionally been ground into the dust by opponents but the issues just refuses to go away

Prime Minister David Cameron vows to create a 'seven-day' health service during a visit to Enki Medical Centre in Handsworth

David Cameron renews NHS pledges at Handsworth health centre

  • NHS

Seven-day working set to come in following Tory election victory as PM battles flu to deliver first major speech since re-taking power

MP Andrew Mitchell

MP Andrew Mitchell won't rule out return

Ex-cabinet minister in ‘plebgate’ scandal still has desire for frontline role as minister.

Sajid Javid

Midland MPs put at heart of business and finance in Westminster

Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid has has been appointed Business Secretary while Ladywood's Shabana Mahmood will be Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale

John Whittingdale appointed Culture Secretary ahead of BBC charter debates

  • BBC

New Culture Secretary appointed as pressure rises on state broadcaster to invest as much in the Midlands as other UK regions

General Election 2015: A disunited kingdom?

What last week's general election did expose was that the UK seems to be a more fragmented place than ever.

Prime Minister David Cameron

General election: Attack mode as big guns scrap over Midland votes

The final days of the election campaign get down and dirty as parties take aim at each other with 'secret plans' and 'who can you trust?'

Range Rover Evoque - the Prime Minister has vowed to stamp down on copycats after a key case involving JLR

Cameron: Chinese rip-offs are top of my list if elected

Far Eastern copycat of Range Rover's Evoque is 'just not acceptable' says PM during visit to Longbridge

Actor Peter Davison

Birmingham 'left out of loop' by the BBC, former Doctor Who star says

  • BBC

The BBC spent £12.40 for every licence fee-payer in the Midlands last year – compared to £80 in the North, £122 in Wales and £757 in London

Energy on the Coalition backburner

It has to be said it's galling to see one of the Coalition parties hijack the "Great Charter of the Liberties" for political gain, when the Government's record on legal aid "reform" has seen justice disgracefully denied for many vulnerable people.

They say they're fighting for every vote - but the parties are targeting a few key seats

They don't like to talk about it but sometimes top politicians admit this general election campaign is really targeting a small number of voters

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to back West Midlands manufacturers if the Tories win the General Election

David Cameron pledges to create jobs in Midlands and the North

Prime Minister vows to overturn trend which has seen more jobs create in London and the South East

Election 2015: The economic realities of Election 2015

In every election voters are asked to make their decision based on the economic record of the incumbent - in this case a coalition - government or that offered by an alternative party.

David Cameron at Fujitsu in Solihull

Cameron calls for more well-paid jobs as average Midlands wage falls

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics wages in the metropolitan area decreased by 11.2 per cent between 2010 and 2014 after accounting for inflation

Tory right to buy idea condemned

Head of Bournville Village Trust joins condemning voices as Conservatives invoke Thatcher's 1980s policy by giving social housing tenants the right to buy


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