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Boris Johnson has backed proposals to build a cycle route along the entire 120-mile route of the HS2 line

Boris Johnson backs Birmingham-to-London cycle route

The Mayor of London threw his support behind the project, which is being considered by the Department for Transport

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Time to say hello to regional mayor and cash control?

Big cities should be allowed to put up council tax, keep a share of VAT and elect regional mayors and assemblies in a similar way to London, according to Birmingham City Council.

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport hopes dashed by Davies Commission

Grand plans to expand airport to solve capacity issues blown away as commission focuses solely on South East

Birmingham Council House, Victoria Square

Put us in charge - and let us raise our own taxes, say England's great cities

Birmingham has joined forces with "core cities" including Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle to draw up a nine-point plan for helping the big cities thrive again

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson - Give London the airport it deserves

Boris Johnson has made no bones about his dismay at the government's timetable for the Airport Commission review.

Artist's impression of the planned high speed rail train

Who picks up bill for high speed rail?

The HS2 debate continues to gather a considerable head of steam following a troubling few weeks for the ‘UK’s largest infrastructure project.’

Dr Ron Daniels updating Boris Johnson about Sepsis on his trip to London

Blood poisoning campaign wins Boris Johnson backing

Doctor wants to raise the profile of sepsis, which kills 37,000 people in Britain each year

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport bosses back Boris Johnson plan

Airport finds common ground with Mayor over opposition to Heathrow Airport expansion

Chancellor George Osborne delivers his spending review

Spending review: Transport wins dash for Whitehall cash

DfT will make a 9 per cent saving in day-to-day spending but receive largest boost of any department to its capital budget

Andrew Mitchell leaves Downing Street on his bike

Two freed on bail after new arrests over Andrew Mitchell "Plebgate" affair

Diplomatic protection group police officer and a 49-year-old woman were held for questioning on Saturday

Andrew Mitchell leaves Downing Street on his bike

Police officer arrested in connection with Andrew Mitchell 'Plebgate' affair

Diplomatic protection group constable held on suspicion of misconduct


Birmingham Airport reveals vision of new runway

The runway would form a crucial part of the airport’s vision to expand into a global hub capable of dealing with 70 million passengers each year – equal to Heathrow’s current throughput

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson forms alliance with Birmingham Airport over plans to expand

Mr Johnson has welcomed the Birmingham proposals – because they endorse his campaign for more aviation capacity in the south without building a new runway at Heathrow

Boris Johnson

Russell Luckock: The UK should not revolve around London

The Parliamentary Transport Committee has turned down the idea of building a new airport to the east of London, disappointing Boris Johnson, the mayor.

Birmingham Airport chief executive Paul Kehoe

MPs reject Birmingham Airport's hub ambitions

Birmingham Airport’s hopes of becoming a hub airport have been dealt a blow by a Commons inquiry which said the idea wouldn’t work.

Lord Young

The need for a compassion-led solution to economic recovery

Dr Steven McCabe writes "Whilst I would suppose that many in this country would feel little sympathy for those European countries where there is high unemployment we should surely not be immune to the long-term effects that high levels of unemployment have upon the next generation".

Post Comment: Lord Adonis and the home truths

In delivering the annual Lunar Society lecture, Lord Adonis reminded us of some timely, but highly uncomfortable, facts about the state of Birmingham in 2011.

Cameron's use of US-style open primaries could be an election winner

The use of US-style open primaries could be an election winner for the Tories, writes Chris Game.

Whitby set for four-year leadership term in Birmingham - just like a mayor

Mike Whitby could become Mayor of Birmingham in all but name when a plan to give him a four-year period in office is approved.


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