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Bill Drummond, who is ending his three month residency at Eastside Projects, Digbeth.

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: Don't be surprised if a strange man comes knocking on your door

Artist Bill Drummond says goodbye to Birmingham this week as he takes his exhibition to Berlin. Here he reflects on his work in the city.

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: A white van sculpture that's forever in Transit

Is Bill Drummond a white van man? Here the artist reveals his plans for a moving sculpture in Birmingham.

Bill Drummond holding a roller after completing graffiti under Spaghetti Junction

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: My 25 Paintings have a double life in Haiti

Artist and musician Bill Drummond hopes his reputation as a prophet is wearing thin after failing to cause an earthquake in Birmingham. Here he writes about his projects in Haiti and reflects on the work of his choir

A dead oak tree to represent Bill Drummond's mission to document 16 dead trees in Birmingham as part of his work at Eastside Projects, Digbeth

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: A Dead Oak Ring just for the people of the city

The artist-in-residence at Eastside Projects writes about his plan for Birmingham people to own a piece of public art which holds the souls of 16 dead trees

Members of the public hold bunches of ragwort for Bill Drummond's Ragwort Week

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: Glorious ragwort is a symbol of culture

Ragwort Week exists to celebrate the glories of degeneration and not the banalities of regeneration.

Artist Bill Drummond modifies a UKIP poster in Birmingham.

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: Why I covered a UKIP billboard poster with my International Grey

Artist Bill Drummond has taken to the streets of Birmingham with his own brand of paint. He writes about why he took drastic action over a UKIP poster

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: I'm flyposting the city - because I love doing it

I have 100 posters to flypost around your city. They are in 10 sets of 10. Each set is identical and depicts me painting my head black and white.

Bill knits at Eastside Projects

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: Knitting our way to a Million Stitch Blanket for the city

Was knitting invented in Birmingham? Bill Drummond believes so. The artist writes about his plans to create a giant blanket for the city as part of his ongoing exhibition.

Bill Drummond constructs a bed in Coventry Road, Small Heath

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: Making beds and making friends

Artist Bill Drummond discovers the worst thing about Birmingham is that everyone wants to talk. Here he writes about his task for the week – creating a bed in Small Heath.

Bill Drummond making cakes at Eastside Projects

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: The best place in the world to give a freshly baked cake to a stranger

Artist Bill Drummond has given away 40 cakes to Birmingham residents as part of his continuing exhibition in the city. Here he writes about his baking.

Bill Drummond as The Man Who Blows His Horn on top of the Rotunda in Birmingham.

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: Don't leave out the sex and violence

Artist and musician Bill Drummond is giving a series of talks as part of his three-month residency in Birmingham. Here he delves into his past for inspiration

Bill Drummond as The Man Who Bangs His Drum in Stratford Road

Bill Drummond in Birmingham: The grandeur of the Spaghetti Junction pillars outdid the Arc de Triomphe

As part of his three-month art project in Birmingham, Bill Drummond writes about banging his drum, handing out flowers and knitting.

Bill Drummond on his raft made from his bed with 400 bunches of daffodils enters Birmingham underneath Spaghetti Junction

Birmingham is first stop for Bill Drummond on 12-year world tour

Artist, musician and former KLF frontman Bill Drummond is embarking on a world tour of art, lectures and cake baking. Here he writes about his mission which begins in Birmingham this week


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