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Fifth Avenue in New York

The state of real estate in the United States. And China. And Birmingham...

Birmingham is starting to see the benefit of Chinese investment in property - but it is very much a global phenomenon

Ian Callum, Jaguar's design director who has been named as a LinkedIn Influencer

Jaguar's design director named as new LinkedIn Influencer

Ian Callum joins elite group which includes President Obama, Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates

US president Barack Obama

Goodbye Mondeo man, hello microtargeting

I don’t pretend fully to understand micro-targeting, but I do get, and somewhat resent, its democratic implications. First, though, as Mike Yarwood’s Max Bygraves would say: I wanna tell you a story

The Custard Factory

Online fashion retailer Asos reveals annual sales up 40% at £754 million

Booming retailer has office in Birmingham's Custard Factory

Stafford Hospital

Call for culture change after Stafford Hospital scandal

  • NHS

Review says changing the culture of the NHS will trump any new rules and strategies

Barack Obama

Uncle Sam’s spying on allies cannot be justified

Our man in America, Christopher Bucktin, reflects on a growing problem for Barack Obama.

afghanistan battle

Milestone on the road to peace in Afghanistan... or an act of treason?

Christopher Bucktin writes "After more than a decade of war in Afghanistan which has left thousands of British and American soldiers killed or wounded, President Obama now wants to meet with the enemy."


Austerity, markets and growth - attempting to read the signals

Dr Steven McCabe writes "Recent events will not provide much comfort to the coalition government which placed so much faith in austerity as the way to solve this country's economic problems".

Steve McCabe: Luck, leadership and the vexed question of Europe

In recent days the retirements of both Sir Alex Ferguson and his once-cherished protégé David Beckham have resulted in gushing commentaries on their ability to influence those around them.

US president Barack Obama

Christopher Bucktin: Panic of just 56 seconds between life and death

Christopher Bucktin writes from the United States

Angelina Jolie

Christopher Bucktin: Angelina challenges the old Hollywood clichés

Christopher Bucktin on Jolie, Cameron - and why Prince Harry might be a new American idol...

The Boston Marathon bombing in 2013

Christopher Bucktin: Good will always prevail in the wake of such evil

Christopher Bucktin writes from the United States in the first of a new weekly Birmingham Post column.

How much can we trust economists?

Dr Steven McCabe writes "Our lives are dominated by economics and there is an understandable desire for academics and experts to present theory (explanation) which will assist in producing economic growth".

Corporate pressure of American politics

Chris Game says the simple plastic carrier bag has become a symbol of American politics in the Obama era

The Rooney Rule is all positive

Positive discrimination can reduce unconscious bias as Chris Game explains, citing the United States as an example.


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